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About Meade...


My full name is James Meade Morrison, but I've always been called by my middle name, "Meade."  I'm an artist that does a lot of different stuff, so I'll try to break it all down the best I can. 


I'm from Maryland, but being so close to Washington DC was what brought me to art and theatre at an early age. In 2020, I graduated from NYU with a BFA in Drama and a minor in film production. I love working in both mediums, but performance has always been my passion.


I've also been writing and producing rap music in my spare time since I was 16, and what was once a hobby became a huge personal artistic project of mine. Hiphop became my outlet for self expression and independent study of music. I learned everything from rapping, production, and audio engineering on my own, and I'm still learning more everyday.

I put my production skills on display in a popular TikTok series where I make music inspired by every character in the video game Super Smash Brothers Melee. Taking inspiration from my favorite game has garnered a lot of interest in my music and I'm extremely grateful to have a project that excites so many.


The Instagram collages can confuse folks, so I'll quickly explain. These are digital collages made in photoshop with images I find, create, or alter. It's a type of visual sampling similar to the way I produce music. I try to fuse interesting compositional ideas with visual splendor for a social media page that I think represents me better than any selfie could.


On this site you can find all my work, in all fields, and contact me for work on other projects. My interests in storytelling, music, and art, all work together to produce a body of work I'm proud of, which I hope to develop for all my life.

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